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International Quality

Sustainable metal electroplating equipment and processes that meet international quality standards.

Low Maintenance

Durable finish with protective electrophoretic lacquer rendering finished products maintenance-free.

Custom Finishes

Our technical experts create custom metal finishes in varying textures to meet client requirements.

Who we are

Complete cover Metal plating services from Prep to Polish

Smart Microns is a forerunner of the Metal electroplating industry in India. Established in 1998, in Chennai, India, Smart Microns’ parent firm Smart Creation was the first to introduce the novel concept of Electroplating and Electrophoretic lacquer, popularly known as ED lacquers to the South Indian market. With over 20 years of experience, we are equipped with sustainable and green technology that makes quality plating affordable to the masses. Smart Microns’ Precision Micron Electroplating services include over 7 metals in a wide range of textured finishes.

Our Services

At Smart Microns, we address each order as a unique project and deliver custom plating through the full range of services from prep to finish.

Gold Plating

24 Kt Gold Plating is a signature service of Smart Microns catering to the luxury décor and aerospace industries in government and private concerns.

Silver Plating

Precious metal plating services in industrial applications that meet ASTM and AMS standards to provide tarnish-free silver-plated products.

Copper Plating

Industry-specific copper metal plating for applications such as Zinc die castings with an overlay of copper over coats of nickel and chromium.

Nickel Plating

Exceptional bright nickel plating in standalone and base coat applications for other precious metal plating for smooth, tarnish free finish.

Tri Alloy plating

An innovative metal plating process by Smart Microns that identified the need and created the solution for a coating that enhances RF connector performance.

Plating Method

Select plating method used to deposit metal only on certain parts of a product or part, depending on functional and environmental needs.

Industries we serve

Set the pace, lead the change


Offering essential precious metal plating to a multi-billion dollar industry with Electro and Electroless plating services


Expert in advanced Electroplating services to the next generation sector (EV) which is controlled by batteries.


Offering precision metal plating services to our armed forces contributing to the defense mechanisms of the nation


Offering our mastery in Electroplating to the challenging industries which rule the electronics world in small circuits.



Offering precision metal plating for minute and critical parts and bits that ensure safety in the automotive industry.

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