Examples of Electroplating- Almost everything else in our environment is made up of metals; the amount of metal in certain items is low, while it is high in others. The computers and mobile phones that we use on a daily basis are made from a variety of metals, ranging from the most expensive to the least expensive. It’s tough to imagine a world without metals.

Gold and silver are the oldest examples of metals that are considered significantly more appealing and precious than others. As a result, metals are quite expensive, and one may want to consider them again before purchasing them. Electroplating is a process in which a thin layer of gold or silver is applied to a less expensive metal, resulting in a low-cost end product.


Many domestic goods, including those in the kitchen, are electroplated. This is one of the most common examples of electroplating. The most typical reason for this is to increase their durability and appearance. Electroplating can be found in everyday items such as cutlery, culinary utensils, pots and pans, and sink taps. Silverware and cutlery, for example, are electroplated to help maintain their beauty and prevent tarnishing. Water and oxidation will erode the silverware if the metal coating is not applied correctly.

Cellular Phones

Mobile phones are another examples of electroplating that often goes unnoticed. Several components in mobile phones are plated with metals to prevent corrosion and chemical reactions. Not only will this make phones safer to use, but it will also improve their overall performance. Silver and gold plating are commonly used on mobile phone parts to boost conductivity. Furthermore, plating with a thin layer of gold rather than coating the entire product in gold is a cost-effective alternative.


To keep its beauty and longevity, most jewellery is electroplated, one of the other examples of electroplating. Another cost-effective way to increase the wear and tear of these things without having to employ pricey metals is to use electroplating services. Jewellery can be plated with gold to make it more attractive and inexpensive, similar to the electroplating example mentioned above.

Automobile Components

Car parts are critical components that are coated with metal to ensure long-term performance and durability. The wheel rims used in vehicles are examples of electroplating for car parts. For commercial purposes, electroplating services are commonly used. This is due to the fact that without them, car parts would deteriorate much more quickly. As a result, all of the car parts would have to be re-made and re-fitted more frequently.

Structures for Construction

Electroplating is employed in a variety of ways in everyday life, including the construction of bridges. Bridges require electroplating to enhance their wear and tear due to exposure to unexpected weather conditions such as rain, storms, and wind. You’ll frequently come across bridges or structures that exhibit apparent indications of rust. There will be no electroplating services performed on these. The structures will eventually need to be replaced and refitted, or they will become unusable. These are some other examples of electroplating.


Even the coins we use on a daily basis are most likely electroplated. They are a good illustration of electroplating in the real world. Given how frequently coins are handed from one person to the next, their long-term endurance is critical. Plating coins with metal helps to strengthen and harden the fragile beneath. Furthermore, it avoids premature corrosion, as coins that are constantly rusting may be rejected and lose their worth. Coins are again some lesser-known examples of electroplating. 

Parts for machinery

Electroplating is also utilised on machinery parts in everyday life. They would corrode and decay quickly if they weren’t electroplated. As a result, machinery parts would need to be replaced frequently and manufactured in order to be usable. Although stainless steel and iron are often used for industrial parts, electroplating ensures their lifetime. Electroplating services are provided by plating firms for machinery parts in order to create the protective barrier required for application. 

These are the daily life examples of electroplating. 

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