Copper plating is a method of applying copper coatings to metal surfaces. In a temperate environment, copper also has a reddish-orange colour and is inherently soft and pliable. Copper plating is a typical commercial coating in the metal finishing business. Copper is the second most often used finishing in the metal plating business behind nickel. Copper plating produces a reddish-brown finish that can range from matte to highly brilliant.

It works well in applications requiring high corrosion resistance, but it is not commonly used as underplating because it tarnishes rapidly. Instead, copper is utilised to improve deposit adherence because it can be applied to substrates like zinc die-casts, where other metals have difficulty adhering. Copper is a chemical element with excellent thermal and electrical conductivity and is robust, ductile, non-magnetic, and antimicrobial. It is frequently used in electroplating because of this.

copper plating services in Chennai

copper plating services in Chennai

Solutions used in copper plating

Alkaline copper, acid copper, and semi alkaline copper are the three kinds of copper solutions. The best throwing power is alkaline copper, but it is hard to plate it with high current densities. It also works with a cyanide-based combination. On the other hand, high current densities can be used to plate acid copper. It’s easy to use and has a wide range of applications. It is also less expensive; nevertheless, it does not have the same throwing force as alkaline copper. Semi alkaline copper, the third kind of copper, is utilised on printed circuit boards because it is less corrosive and non-toxic.

Process of copper plating

After nickel plating, copper plating is the most frequently used electroplating method. Using a high electric current, a thin coating of copper is deposited onto the base metal in this procedure. Copper plating may be applied to a variety of metals, including gold, silver, and aluminium. It’s also possible to do it on plastic. On the other hand, any iron-based metal requires a nickel-based coating since copper cannot cover passivated surfaces adequately.

To avoid imperfections, the material that will be plated is cleansed at the beginning. After that, the electroplating process is carried out by sending an electric current through a copper salt electrolyte solution. The electricity flows through the circuit created by connecting two terminals in the solution to a power source. The copper layer is deposited on the metal as the power passes.

copper plating services in Chennai

Advantages of copper plating services in Chennai

Let’s look at the advantages of copper plating now that we’ve learned about the process.

  • Copper is an excellent electrical conductor. As a result, even its thin layer can serve as a good conductor for many electrical devices.
  • Copper is recognised for being a soft and flexible metal. As a result, it may be utilised in electrical components and equipment that require a high degree of flexibility. Copper also adheres to the surface it is applied on, even if the surface is bent. It provides consistent coverage and never pays out.
  • Copper is the least corrosive of all metals now in use. As a result, copper plating prevents corrosion in other metals.

Methods of copper plating

Among the techniques include:

  • Copper electroplating involves immersing a metal substrate in an electrolytic bath and applying an electric current to cause copper ions to attach to the surface of the base material. As a result, the surface has a thin copper covering.
  • Several tiny components can be copper plated at once using barrel plating, which is efficient electroplating. 
  • Electroless plating creates a metal coating using a completely chemical method that does not require an external energy source. This technique results in coatings that are less porous and more corrosion resistant, making them suitable for items exposed to harsh environments.
  • When plating criteria are rigorous and challenging, testing requirements must be satisfied, rack electroplating is recommended. We can handle both prototype and mass manufacturing volumes.
  • Heavy build plating: Compared to other techniques, heavy build plating produces a thicker covering. The thickness of heavy construction plating is generally greater than 0.001 inches. Plated ammunition, for example, frequently has a 0.020-inch thick, strong construction coating.
copper plating services in Chennai

copper plating services in Chennai

Applications of copper plating services in Chennai

Copper electroplating is used for many electrical, industrial, and heating purposes because of the material’s conductivity and thermal characteristics. Copper electroplating can also be used as a primer for other coatings or surface treatment before soldering. To improve performance, manufacturers may opt to coat plastic components or goods with copper. In addition, copper electroplating can be found in semiconductors, printed circuits, and other places.

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