Electroplating of Furniture- PVD is a common stainless steel coating utilised in the manufacturing of numerous furniture and other home décor products. PVD, a popular coating on stainless steel used to make numerous furniture and other home décor items, is attractive and long-lasting. This finish is not only lovely but also long-lasting. PVD coatings are a thin, long-lasting coating that may be applied to various substrates, including stainless steel. The PVD coating is applied in a vacuum chamber at extremely high temperatures. This finish is used in the electronics, medical, and aerospace industries, but it’s also popular in home décor and furnishings.

Understanding PVD coating

PVD is an acronym for Physical Vapor Deposition. In layman’s words, this implies that a thin coat of metal vapour is applied to the surface of an item using a vacuum chamber and extremely high temperatures. PVD coatings are thin-film coatings in which a solid substance is applied to another to create a long-lasting coat. In our situation, the PVD coating is applied to stainless steel. Depending on the colour and technique, the thin coatings range from 0.5 microns to 5 microns.

electroplating of furniture

electroplating of furniture

The process of producing a PVD stainless steel finish

  • Vacuum Chamber – A vacuum chamber is used to evaporate solid materials.
  • High Temperature — The temperature in the vacuum chamber ranges from 122 to 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit (50 to 600 degrees Celsius). As a result, it’s shot at very high temperatures.
  • PVD Deposit on Material – The PVD is deposited or put on the material in the vacuum chamber.
  • Needs to Rotate — When applying a PVD coating, the item is usually rotated to provide uniform heat distribution and application. The PVD coating depends on the location and rotation of the chamber.
  • PVD Coating Characteristics- When a PVD coating is applied to a metal’s surface, it alters its properties.
  • PVD is a fragile coating that ranges from 0.5 microns to 5 microns in thickness, depending on the colour and procedure required.

Why is PVD coating popular in various industries?

  1. PVD characteristics – PVD is a robust finish that produces a highly hard and durable surface. It’s also anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, with a low coefficient of friction. These are all necessary characteristics, particularly in the high-tech or medical industries. 
  2. PVD Coatings Are Incredibly Thin – Because PVD coatings are extremely thin, ranging from 0.5 microns to 5 microns, they will not throw the precision tool or part’s specification off.
  3. Extremely Durable — Even though the PVD coat is very thin, only a few microns thick, it is virtually hard to remove and wear off on its own after it is applied. One of the reasons PVD coatings are so popular and have so many applications and uses is this.

Electroplating of furniture with PVD coating

PVD is commonly used on stainless steel in the home décor and furnishing sector. PVD coatings on stainless steel produce a wide range of fascinating colours, textures, and finishes. However, the PVD finish is highly complex and difficult to manufacture, and it necessitates excellent equipment and expertise on the part of the PVD coating facility. As a result, a PVD treatment is generally more expensive than a gold leaf finish on metal or a simple powder coat.

However, we’ve discovered that it’s generally cheaper than solid brass. However, because there are many variables in the pricing of the PVD finish and other types of metal, the actual cost would need to be validated for each product and application. One of the best features of the PVD finish is that it is one of the hardest and most long-lasting finishes available today. As a result, it’s a crucial finish for the home décor and furniture industries.

Uses of PVD coating in the electroplating of the furniture industry

  • Table Bases – Table bases are one of the most popular applications for PVD. This is due to the PVD base’s strength, which allows even heavy items such as a huge marble piece to be placed on top of it. The PVD finish’s longevity is also one of the reasons why it’s so popular in the hotel construction industry.
  • Chair bases – A chair base made of PVD metal might be utilised. Everything from tiny to large chairs and even a couch frame is available. The PVD supplier’s capacity to produce bigger frames will, of course, be restricted by the size of the vacuum chamber.
  • Mirror Frames and Wall Art – A mirror frame or a piece of wall art might be produced with the PVD finish.
  • Hardware and components — PVD coatings on hardware and parts for additional products such as boxes, trays, lamps, mirrors, and wall art have been employed. Almost any application where a PVD component is required or desired. This is arguably one of the finest methods to employ PVD coatings, as it allows you to incorporate the finish into a design for home décor or furniture.


The PVD finish is one of our favourites since it looks fantastic and lasts a long time. In addition, it’s an excellent finish that can be utilised on a variety of home décor and furniture items.