The Global electroplating industry is expected to reach 21.3 Billion USD by 2027, and a major chunk of it goes to the Gold Plating industry. This remarkable revenue forecast is due to the increasing demand for Electroplated products particularly Gold Plated ones. From an electronic chip to Rocket ships, Gold Plating has become an affordable alternative to manufacturing entire components from solid Gold where an inert metal is required.

High Aesthetic Appeal:

Gold is considered one of the most precious metals and by far the most visually appealing metal in the world. People associate Gold with luxury and opulence. Anything that they possess if made of gold is automatically seen as a high value product. Thus 24kt Gold finds application in various decorative and design oriented industries, simply for the alluring aesthetic it brings to the space. In short, 24kt Gold adds a visible value to any product or component.

Easily to Manipulate:

The basic middle school chemistry we learnt on metals, gives us the information that gold is a highly malleable metal. It also has high ductility when compared to other harder metals. These easily manipulative properties of 24kt Gold make it possible to extrude it into thin sheets and wires that can be used in electroplating. Its high malleability has made it possible to be used in the plating of irregular shapes and complicated structures. It is also used to create a solderable surface in electronics being able to adhere well with most metals.

In fact, the first ever recorded electroplating process by the Italian Scientist, Luigi Brugnatelli, in 1805, involved the plating, or deposition of Gold on machine parts. Gold has literally helped make Electroplating into a viable process.

Extended Durability:

24kt Gold is an extremely durable metal that is resistant to surface damages like chipping, dings and scratches. Plating a product or machine part with 24kt Gold makes it more resistant to usual wear and tear that it will face in regular use. Most satellites and other rockets sent into space are covered with Gold Plated sheets or gold alloy sheets as a protective hull from space debris damage. It is also heat resistant enough to withstand the immeasurable heat created by atmospheric friction as they travel past the Earth’s atmosphere. Such is Gold’s amazing strength in practical use. Of course it would be a huge financial commitment to manufacture entire spaceships in Gold. 24kt gold Electroplating is the most economic option in the market.

Unlike conventional methods of gold Plating like foiling or chemical adhesion, Gold Electroplating allows for uniform deposition and varied layer thickness. One can build on the Gold layer by repetitive deposition processes. Thicker the layer of gold, the better the durability of the substrate, and the overall product.

Corrosion Resistant:

We have also learnt that Gold is a Noble metal. In fact, it is the noblest of all the metals being the least reactive to the environment. It has minimal interaction or movement of atoms at the interface with other gases and liquids. This makes it an essential surface protection coating, especially in machinery exposed to industrial strength chemicals.

It doesn’t deteriorate by reacting with oxygen, by oxidation. Steel or iron forms rust and other metals that react with oxygen produce their corresponding oxides, which erodes away the surface through loss of material. However, 24kt Gold remains true to its form, protecting the product from corrosion, and greatly extends its lifespan.

Electrical Conductivity:

A lot of non-conductive materials like ceramics and engineered plastics are in use in the electronics industry. However, in some applications they are required to conduct a small electrical current. 24kt Gold has the ability to convert even Non-conductive materials like ceramic into a conductive surface when electroplated with Gold. 24kt Gold is one of the superior conductors known to man.

Its practical application comes from the fact that it is also heat resistant and can withstand the heat caused by electrical current from more number of electrical connections.


Gold is a naturally germ resistant metal and is not harmful to any form of living tissue. It is the most hypoallergenic metal discovered thus far. 24 kt Gold Plating is useful in creating sterile surfaces in medical and other bio medical field applications. Many medical and dental appliances that are in intimate contact with the human body, like teeth fillings, teeth caps, stents, and other implants are coated in 24kt Gold.

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