Micro Plating- The plating process is a method of coating a substrate with a thin metal layer. Metal plating has numerous advantages for items made of metal and other materials. Electroplating, which involves an electric current, or electroless plating, an autocatalytic chemical process, is the most common method. These strategies, along with a few others, provide one or more of the following advantages:

  • ·        Corrosion resistance improved
  • ·        Appeal to the eye
  • ·        Solderability has improved.
  • ·        Increased toughness
  • ·        Friction is reduced.
  • ·        Changes in conductivity
  • ·        Paint adhesion is improved.
  • ·        Deposition of materials
  • ·        Magnetism increases.

Electroplating micro metal pieces, which are microscopic and complicated in size, is the technique of micro plating. Metal elements such as pins, chip connections, and sockets are commonly encountered in electrical and medical systems.

With the progress of product technology, we see numerous things shrink significantly in size. This is because smaller items, especially those geared for usage on the go, are more compact and convenient for the end-user. As a result, micro parts are becoming even smaller, necessitating a greater demand for micro electroplating.

Micro plating can improve the overall functionality of devices and instruments that contain micro components if your facility makes them. While dealing with such delicate parts may appear to be more difficult than working with more significant parts, our certified specialists are well-versed in working with micro parts and can overcome their complexity. Learn more about micro plating’s specialised techniques and how they work:

What are the many types of micro plating procedures, and how do they work?

Prototype development

Prototyping is a very beneficial method when it comes to micro plating. Micro components are highly detailed, making them one-of-a-kind and difficult to duplicate. The optimal metal finishing process for the tiny part is determined by creating a prototype till we reach the required result. This enables us to preserve the micro part’s condition as much as possible till the best plating procedure is discovered.

Micro electroplating that is selective

Selective micro electroplating maximises precision and accuracy when coating and polishing micro metal objects. We now have highly efficient equipment that can efficiently regulate the plating process when using small metal pieces, thanks to technological breakthroughs. Because micro plating components necessitates a higher level of precision, selective electroplating services provide the level of attention to detail that we demand when working with micro parts.

Getting rid of the “border layer effect.”

When metal finishing smaller metal pieces, a phenomenon known as the ‘border layer effect’ might occur. This is because, during the metal polishing process, metals cannot withstand fluids. However, specialised equipment ensures that superfluous liquids are evacuated from the micro components during the procedure. This improves the micro components’ end quality and provides a consistent coating.

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