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Nickel Plating

SMART MICRONS offers affordable high quality precision Nickel plating services for decorative and industrial applications. It is also the substrate of choice for achieving high quality precious metal plating and acts as an excellent barrier and creates surface uniformity. Through controlled processes we produce international quality nickel finishes of 99% purity.


A thin layer of Nickel ions are deposited over the substrate metal through Electrodeposition process. An electric current is passed through the electrolytic solution that contains dissolved Nickel ions. The ions adhere to the surface of the object to be coated and form a protective and functional coating.


  • Corrosion resistance
    Diffusion barrier
    Low coefficient of thermal expansion
    High formability
    Wear resistance
    Temperature resistance

Underplates Provided

  • Acid copper
    Alkaline copper

Finish Type

  • Matte deposits
    Semi-bright deposits
    Mirror/Bright deposits

Post Treatments

  • Electrolytic Anti-tarnish
  • Electroless Anti- tarnish

Base Material

  • Ferrous: All Ferrous Alloys Including Mild Steel, Stainless Steels.
  • Cuprous: All Cuprous Alloys Including Pure Copper, Copper Alloys Including Tellurium & Beryllium, Brass, Nickel-Silver.
  • Aluminium: All Aluminium Alloys Including Wrought, Cast and Proprietary Alloy.
  • Exotics: Inconel, Cobalt-Chrome, Kovar, Monel, Lead.


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Hardware
  • Heavy engineering
  • Medical

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