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Plating Processes

Rack Plating

At Smart Microns, we offer custom rack plating process to finish complex, fragile, and large components. The parts are hung on a rack and held in place with metal hooks or bands. They are submersed in the plating solution and electrical current is applied. Rack plating is an effective process for selective, or partial, coating. Our experienced staff can engineer custom racks based on the geometry of a part and the finish required to meet the most demanding specifications. We provide rack plating services for aluminium, steel, stainless steel, nickel-silver and copper alloys.

Barrel Plating

At Smart Microns, we offer Barrel plating services to ensure uniform coatings on the entire surface of the object to be plated. The parts are placed inside a barrel that slowly rotates while it is immersed in the plating solution. Electrical contact is made through the use of danglers/centre bars that are inside the barrel. We strongly recommend this method on high volumes of parts, as barrel plating can accommodate many shapes, sizes and metals. We provide rack plating services for steel, Brass and copper alloys.

Selective Plating

At Smart Microns, we have the capability to deliver precision selective plating, where only certain parts of a product need to be plated. This is vital when parts are designed with varying functional zones, each with differing plating requirements and thicknesses. This process saves a lot of investment as non-functional parts are not needlessly plated, especially when expensive precious metal plating is involved. This is expertly executed by our team with the help of plater’s tape, masking lubricants, controlled depth, and customised fixtures and jigs.

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